"Similan Dive centers"

Imagine a tropical paradise that seems designed for diver! Dozens of dive sites, reefs, rocky drops, gentle currents and incredible marine life. All this is only 1 hour away by speedboat from Khao Lak! Incredible beachfront resorts, delicious fresh food from dozens of restaruants, 40 kilometers of white sand beaches, warm tropical waters, incredible marine life, trekking, jungles and dozens of dive sites within 1 hour! There is a reason the Similan Islands are famous for the diving. With Khao Lak located on the mainland, 1 hour away by speedboat - you can chose to visit for one day, for snorkeling with the family or join a liveaboard. Or do all of them!

similan dive centers

Please choose only dive and snorkel operators that have blackwater tanks, demand that guests do not touch coral, harass marine life, feed the fish or throw any waste in the water. Any operator that offers tours in October or May is also paying bribes and undermining the authority of the park Rangers. Ask to see the responsible tourism policy of any operator before departing on a trip

One can guess there are many dive centers that serve the Similan Islands. We have refined the list down to a few safe ones. Please note that we have chosen not to include any dive centers located in Phuket as they are not conveniently located (2.5 hour drive each way for a day trip, plus a 1 hour speedboat ride - not our idea of a vacation).

Khao Lak is the closest point of land to the Similans and with a selection of 17 dive centers and dozens of great resorts, there is no need to stay anywhere else. Not only can you visit the Similan Islands but also the nearby Surin Islands, expeditions to Burma can be arranged as well as Khao Lak's local dive sites and the nearby caves and lakes. Tech Diving, Instructor Courses, Dive Medical Courses and even beginning diving are all easily arranged in Khao Lak. Contact us with your Questions

Most Similan Dive Centers Are PADI or SSI, though they will respect the certifications of most major organizations. Bring your certification cards and logbook! "

similan dive centers

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